What Makes The Difference Between A Poor Eraser & A High Quality One

October 8, 2014

Pencil erasers represent the most common erasers on the market, but also the worst ones to use. It makes perfect sense though. Just think about your days in elementary school. Instead of erasing the graphite, those small pink rubbers used to just smudge it. Fully erasing the pencil was impossible, even if you chose to get a good eraser after. These erasers came in all kinds of colors, yet most of them were pink. They looked good, but they were useless.

These days, you obviously want to combine functionality and style when it comes to buying erasers for your kid. You want some unique erasers that can draw a lot of positive attention because you know that your kid is more likely to take care of them. Losing erasers everyday is no longer going to happen. Besides, the functionality leaves no room for mistakes either. There are a few stores focused on this niche over the Internet. You can find high quality erasers that look like cars, animals, art objects or food, among many other models.

Top factors to consider in an eraser
The general purpose is a main consideration. It determines the size and shape of the eraser. Small areas require an eraser with sharp elements because they can provide a top attention to small details. On the other hand, a bulky eraser is great for large areas. You also need to look for a good ability to erase, as well as little paper trauma and residual mess. Such things are directly responsible for the functionality.

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